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Is 13 Really an Unlucky Number?

When a business turns 13, especially in the year 2020, one would think that about sums up your luck, right? It’s the number 13, bad karma. To say it’s all unicorns and rainbows would be an understatement, and we could fall into the cynical nature the world has thrown our way.

Well, as luck would have it, we’re just not those types of people. Instead, we look at the positive side of 13 as we stave off any bad karma (if you believe in that kind of thing).

13 years ago, Blueworks opened its doors and afforded us the ability to continue to do what we love. To build a company that continues to tell the stories of our clients to others, to advance their position in the marketplace, and to grow to their potential.

Here’s to 13:

1. 13 years of relationships

Many of our relationships extend well beyond 13 years, however, the individuals we work with are more than just partners. Many are our partners in crime with more stories of exasperating fun and one-liners. We actually have to write them down to keep them alive. Give this one a try: “If you’re going to stare, put your glasses down.” (sunglasses, that is.)

2. 13 years of challenges

Yep, marketing challenges provide opportunity and we never turn our heads to opportunity. 2020 will go down in the record books as one of the biggest challenges we’ve ever faced in our business, it’s about as much fun as trying to get a video shot of a cow giving birth.

3. Font size 13 headline

Not too big and obnoxious, not too small to read. Give it a try and see how it stands out!

4. 13 is an odd number

With an odd number, you will never have a tie. You'll always walk away with a winner.

5. 13 is a prime number

A little brush up on math. It can only be divisible by itself, therefore it’s a complete number in itself.

6. 13 years makes us a business teenager

You know teenagers are always right, self-conscious, hormonal, impulsive, and more. We’ll that is not fair to look at them as one big group. Because for everyone that is that, there can also be another side to them - the side we can adapt to marketing.

Curious. Optimistic. Adaptable. Trustworthy. Bold. Debatable. Believable. Adventurous. Competitive. Willful. Enlightened. Persistent. Likable.

If you have a teen or a 10-year old that thinks she is a teen, you now have 13 positive adjectives for praise.

7. 13 makes a baker’s dozen

12 for all to eat, 1 for the baker to enjoy. Yes, I know there is more history around this that goes back to 13th century England. But I’m craving a cupcake and don’t have time.

8. Friday the 13th

Halloween. Jason. C’mon, superstition can’t outweigh a classic.

9. A deck of cards

In a standard 52-card deck of cards, there are four suits of 13. And, we love cards…Euchre, Horsedeal, Sheephead, Hand and Foot. War.

10. The Four Seasons

Not “Sherry” or “Walk Like A Man” kind of Four Seasons. More James Taylor like. Winter, spring, summer, or fall. Each 13 weeks long. Oooooh!

11. Apollo 13 mission

Successful landing on the moon and return to earth, despite an onboard explosion. Now that’s a challenge.

12. The meaning of 13

Numerology states the number 13 represents the combined energy of the numbers 1 and 3. Number 1 has a vibration of new ideas, new beginnings, progress, and individuality, while the number 3 symbolizes passion, motivation, optimism, self –expression, inspiration. Not half bad!


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